True cocoa strenght

  • Our own Beans

    Single Source. We grow our own beans. Q Chocolates is made from a select harvest of cocoa beans. Cocoa trees called Trinitario and Forasteiro  from our own farms in Ilheus, Bahia, (not random cocoa from different parts of the world).  

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  • Unique Flavor of Brazilian Q Chocolote Cocoa Bean

    Q Chocolates is unique. It brings you the TRUE flavor of Brazilian Cocoa. Also Q Chocolates taste so good in part because the Cocoa bean dries naturally in the sun.So flavor is not lost in translation. A fact. Brazilian Cocoa will always taste better than Central American Chocolate brands: In those countries, it rains so much, cocoa beans are mechanically dried in diesel fueled drums, passing diesel fumes to the cocoa bean.  

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